A Little More About Us

Yoga for the Soul

At Flow of Eden, we celebrate the ancient wisdom found in yoga and seek to share it with all. We provide various styles of yoga and a wide range of yoga classes and offerings. Our Yoga Studio is home to all levels of practitioners, recognizing that each individual has their own, unique path to follow. Check out all of our classes and professionally trained instructors and find out what works best for you.

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How it began

A Journey of Self Discovery

“I want to create a safe, nurturing and welcoming space for women of all walks of life to come together and move in union. Everyone’s reason for coming to the mat is different, you may wish to increase your flexibility/mobility, maybe your working on finding your inner peace or healing a sore back. Whatever the reason, you will achieve your goal if you come with an open mind, respect and compassion for yourself and body. Yoga will transform the way you think, speak and feel. Whatever feelings and/or sensations come to the surface during or after the session, observe and be aware of the changes. Let them come and go freely without judgement. By doing so you will slowly detach and let the feeling just be or drift away.” - May

My goal and vision is to create a space where women from all ethnicities and of all ages can meet and enjoy an hour of mindful movement. This will be the ultimate gift that you can give yourself. Yoga is not just a physical practice; it is a mind, body and soul connection. During the practice you will learn how to become conscious of your breath, body and mind. By doing so you will ultimately be able to control the state of your nervous system and the fluctuations of your mind. The benefits of yoga are truely endless and not fully understood. For me the benefit that stood out the most is the ability to activate the bodies relaxation response through improved vagal tone. How convenient would it be to be able to take your body out of flight and fight mode and into a relaxed state whenever needed. 

My personal Yoga journey began six years ago when I was pregnant with my first born. During my pregnancies I would attend prenatal yoga classes to alleviate my sciatica pain and prepare for labour. This hour that I would set aside twice a week forced me to put everything on hold and connect with my breath and in doing so connect with my unborn child. After the chaos of the early years of motherhood I battled with anxiety and shortness of breath. I was a very active mother who over committed and really did not say ‘no’ to anything. Desperate for a change, I joined some Yoga classes with an instructor who has now become a dear friend of mine. Through her gentle and compassionate way of teaching I was able to experience the benefits of yoga on my mind, body and soul. After several classes I was able to breathe properly again. My body began to crave and yearn for yoga daily. My time spent in retail therapy, brunching, getting pampered was funnelled into a new type of self care. One that allowed my mind, body and soul to flourish. One that brought me back home to me - my inner child, my core and my true nature. In order to strengthen my personal practice I undertook my first teacher training with Balance Yoga Sydney. My passion and love for Yoga led me to enrol into my level 2 training as well as complete a Yin Yoga training. I still have so much to learn but would love to share this with anyone and everyone that requires it. Whether you come to Yoga to increase flexibility/mobility, as a means to battle mental health problems, to alleviate physical pain or for weight loss - you will achieve your goal and walk away with a lifelong tool. If you are on the journey of good health and wellness then you must add a Yoga practice to your self care routine.